Mozyr Castle Historical Centre, Mozyr United Museum of Local Studies

On September 16, 2005,historical centre "Mazyr Castle" was opened, which is a unique museum, where the exposition is the entire landscape area with architectural and planning development. Expositions are located in three towers: “Armory”, “Hunting”, “Administrative”. On holidays and weekends, the museum offers an acquaintance with the historical and cultural heritage, folk crafts, and the traditions of the Mazyr region.

On the territory of the Castle, an excursion "Journey to medieval Mazyr" is organized, which introduces the visitor to the history of the city from the first mention in the annals until the beginning of the 20th century. Every year during the New Year and Christmas holidays, the residence of the Father Frost brothers works: a theatrical performance is held with the participation of Father Frost Blue Nose, Father Frost Red Nose, Snow Maiden and other fairy-tale characters with contests and outdoor games.

By appointment, a wedding ceremony "Romance of the Middle Ages" is held. It's so-called theatrical performance with the participation of characters in historical costumes (“prince and princess”) with solemn congratulations, competitions for newlyweds and guests.